The Drive Home Show

Stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home? Tune in from 3pm to 6pm sing along in style while on the road to hear your favourite country hits! Hosted by Ted Bird!


If you want to advertise with KIC, the best country radio station in Quebec, now is the time to ask!

The Canadian Country Music Spotlight!

Saturday from 3pm to 4pm it’s The Canadian Country Music Spotlight with Ted Rupe who highlights the very best of Canadian country music in an intimate interview format intermingled with the artists music. A repeat broadcast 2pm to 3pm Sundays

The Greatest Hits

We play country music’s greatest hits 24/7, featuring artists such as Brad Peisly, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, and Lady Antebellum. Listen live online!

Country music radio is finally back in Montreal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

KIC is a designated country music radio station right in Montreal. You can hear all your favourite songs, all the time! New hit country is our specialty and you can hear it live on 89.9FM or by listening to us live online (hit the button in the top right). Online or on the road you have all the country music you want right at your finger tips.

KIC is committed to the local country music scene as well, we play local bands and artists as well as Canadian artists which other stations tend to overlook.

We hope you enjoy listening!

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